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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Miles to go

Sometimes I start rolling along and things seem to be pretty constant without too many pace changes.  Certainly not following a straight and flat road, but riding along at a steady speed.  We made it through the holidays with some emotional ups and downs, but mostly happy and unscathed.  Kids are back to school.  Marathon training is moving forward as it should.  I am taking some steps to do some things I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’m thrilled with the support that has been shown to DFMC so far.  It hasn’t snowed more than a dusting.  Nothing too crazy, either good or bad. Just life.

And then I get knocked down.  Yesterday, my attention was once again primarily focused on the importance of this marathon endeavor.  A friend that lives in town sent me a message asking me to recognize her husband this year as he was getting ready to start his second round of chemotherapy after having been in remission for 3 months.  What?!?  I didn’t even know he had been diagnosed and was so surprised to read her message.  It guess it was so unexpected because this town we live in feels like it can close in around you quickly with how small it feels and the speed at which “news” travels, yet I can go months or years without seeing someone that lives within the few square miles we call home.  We met when our kids were pretty much babies.  Once they got to school age and were in different schools, our paths didn't cross as often although we would catch up on the soccer field or in line for ice cream in the summer.  Clearly, it had been too long.  I wanted to know that they were okay, and if they needed anything, and if there was anything that could be done to help them out. How was he doing?  How were the kids?  How was she?  I have learned the importance of a community giving a helping hand, and I hope that many hands had lent if that was what they needed or wanted.  And I totally understand if it was what they didn't want, too, because sometimes moving forward at your own pace, with your own rules, is what you need.  Either way, I have been thinking about their family all day, and hoping that he gets through this next round in good health and good spirits.  And that the rest of the family does the same.

We also heard yesterday about a woman (although I am more inclined to call her a girl, as I do most people my age) who went to college with my husband and me.  She also grew up in my husband’s hometown and they knew each other in high school and share many friends.  After a year of battling breast cancer, she passed away yesterday at her home.  She, too, has 2 young children and the reality of this all is that just isn’t fair.  She was a girl.  Still a young adult and too young for this.  I did not know her well, but do know all too well what the next few days and weeks and years hold for her family and friends.  It makes me sad. It’s devastating.  And it isn’t fair.

So I am running.  And running and running.  Running away from the stress and sadness.  Running towards health and healing and relief.  Towards a cure.

If you are able, please consider a donation.   Every dollar helps.  Every cent goes to fund research at one of the top cancer centers in this country.  If the time is not right for a monetary gift, please consider giving of your time by volunteering.  We’ve got miles to go, and we can make a difference together. 

Be good.  Be strong.

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