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Please visit my fundraising page to make a donation to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ( Please help me reach my goal of $50,000 to fund important basic cancer research! With your support, we have already provided over $366,000 to Dana-Farber researchers over the past 9 years. Please give as generously as your means allow!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Quick news

A quick update on running and fundraising....

The weather has not been my running friend this month. We've been getting pounded with snow every 3-5 days, and are about 50" over average snowfall totals for this point in the year. Our roads are narrow due to snow banks, the air has been cold, and the snow storms keep coming one after another. I have been doing a fair number of runs on the treadmill, so I am getting them done, but they aren't as enjoyable as a nice, sunny day outside! Here is a picture of our street as of the weekend.
I was able to get in a 15 mile run on Saturday outside, which was great. I felt good, didn't get hit by a car (although there were some close calls), got through it without listening to music for safety reasons, and wasn't completely numb upon returning home so it was all in all a success. We are set for at least another foot of snow this week, but I am hopeful there will be an opportunity to run outside this weekend. I am due for another long one. We are lucky that our roads are cleared so efficiently but I do wonder where all of the snow is going to go! We are running out of room.

I am now almost halfway to my goal of $20,000. There is just over $8,000 posted to my page, and I have a donation in process of being submitted and credited. A local group, the North Shore Mother's Group, had their annual winter social event last weekend. This is a group comprised of local mothers who have a variety of events and programs throughout the year for families. This year, they made a decision to have a charitable component to each of their events, and were kind enough to make a donation to the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge from proceeds from their Winter Prom night. Andrew and I attended the event, and it was a lot of fun. They presented a check to the DFMC for $1,000, and I am incredibly grateful for the generosity of all of the members, and to the board for considering this cause as a beneficiary of their efforts. It speaks volumes to the kindness of many people in our community, and their efforts to "pay it forward" in many different aspects will certainly have long-term benefits for many groups in our area. Thank you, NSMG, for your support!

Please keep my sister, Mary, on your mind. She started a new treatment last week. She is just feeling completely worn out. Yet, she gets up, works, tries to exercise, always smiles, and has a kind word for everyone. She continues to inspire and impress each and every day. It is why I run. It is why so many of us run.

If you would like to contribute to the DFMC, please visit

Be good. Be strong.

Friday, January 7, 2011

100 days

Just saw online that there are 100 days until the Boston Marathon. 100 days. 14 weeks and 2 days. The marathon training season and fundraising has gone quite well so far. Fundraising probably better than training, but in my opinion, that's a good thing. I've raised just over $6,500. Of course you all remember that 100% goes directly to fund cancer research at Dana-Farber. Yes, 100%. It's the amazing part of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge and the Barr Program. $6500 is just over 30% of the way to my goal of $20,000 with just over 3 months to go until the marathon. I'd be so bold as to say that the fundraising is off to a very quick start in comparison to prior years. In marathon running a start that is too fast is a big no-no, but it certainly works in regards to raising money for a world-class cancer institute!

One of the things that I am proud of and so thankful for the number of different people who make contributions. So far this year, 58 different people have made contributions to Dana-Farber. Each donation is meaningful and personal. Some are incredible surprises. Some come from people I have never even met. A few arrive with touching notes. Many are from people who have made donations for each of the past three years. Others are from groups of people who have combined their resources to give in honor of my family. Many include a personal story. Every single one is incredibly generous. Every single one is important. And I am so appreciative of each and every contribution. Thank you for putting me on the road to another topnotch year. My deepest thanks to all of you who have been able to make a contribution to this fantastic organization.

My running has gotten back on track after a sore hip kept me off the roads for a week, and traveling for the holidays slowed things a bit, although, to be honest, not as much as I figured it would. I was actually pretty good with getting in my scheduled runs although I didn't do any additional training like I had planned. I ate like it was my job, and the number of cookies I consumed within a two week period has also slowed me down to a drag at some points as I now try to pick up my heavy legs and shuffle on down the road. Better eating, better running, better cross training are on the schedule now. I am on track with some strength training and cross training, both activities which I hope will keep me well and running strong for the next 100 days and beyond. And so far, the weather has not bothered me at all. So far.

For those of you who have any interest in distance and workouts, here's my week in review: I did a long run of 11 miles yesterday and was joined by a friend who is training for a half ironman in early summer. She is much faster than I am (much, much, much faster), but slowed down enough for me to keep up, and she wasn't huffing and puffing in exhaustion at the end so was able to keep some conversation going while I felt like I was grunting out one word contributions to the conversations. While cold, it was a beautiful morning in town and I was able to appreciate the views for most of the run. The air is clear and refreshing in the winter and the views of the water are picture perfect. The rest of the week included a short recovery run on Monday with my husband, who has been trying to kickstart his running again. I did some hill repeats on Tuesday on the treadmill before the Endurance Running group at the Y. That class included many drills to improve form and balance, some sprints and some strength work, at which time by incredible weaknesses were outed for all to see. I rode the stationary bike on Wednesday, and will get in a 7 mile tempo run this weekend with my half marathon training partner. And maybe another bike ride or short run, too. 100 days, and many miles to go!

I hope the New Year brings you all much happiness, many laughs, and fun times with family and friends. Things to come on the blog....information about what the Barr program has been funding. Updates about my amazingly strong and enduring sister, Mary, who is starting another experimental treatment on Monday. Maybe some New Years resolution thinking. Training updates and running news. Lots of gratitude for generosity, friendship, family and support. Probably some weather news because I just can't help it. I'm a Southerner living in the frozen Northeast. It's a fascinating subject. good and be strong.
And Happy New Year to you all.