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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017 be good. be strong. shirts are here!

It's t-shirt time again!  The 2017 be good. be strong. shits are on sale now until February 18.  There are 4 options:
  • Long sleeved cotton shirts (youth and adult sizes):  $25
  • Short sleeved performance shirts (youth and adult sizes) :  $30
  • Long sleeved performance shirts (adult sizes only):  $30
  • Hoodies (youth and adult sizes):  $40
This year, we've incorporated a full moon into the be good. be strong. design.  My sister, Molly, shared this message while she was undergoing treatment and it beautifully explains what the full moon means to our family....

"One of the great things about being from a large family is the energy that all the different people bring to the table. One such person is my father's sister. My aunt has traveled the world and one way she tried to stay connected (way, way back before cell phones and email!) was to pause on the night of each full moon and think of her friends. She knew that no matter what corner of the world they were in, they would all be thinking of each other on that same night. Tonight is the full moon for April. We call her Auntie Bonkers (a name she most endearingly deserves) and she called me to tell me she was going to put the hopes and needs of my family at the top of her list tonight. She and all her buddies, my mother's buddies, and hopefully some of you will take the time to stop to smile at the beauty of the light of the full moon. Please take this time to reflect on the great gifts of friendships and the support we give each other. It is a wonderful opportunity to consider that so many different people in so many different places have paused to think of each other and the many blessings we have. I hope you find time to dance in the light of the full moon tonight and know that I am thinking of you. Dance like no one is watching..."

be good. be strong. has become a mantra for us.  It's something that we can remember every day, whether it's heading in for radiation treatment or just holding the door for someone.  It is a reminder to us all to live with kindness and respect and strength for those we love and for what we believe.

Thank you so much for all you have done to help in this effort over the last 9 years.  We're not done yet!  Every day, we fight.

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