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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One day per mile to go

26 days until go time.  One day for each of the 26 miles that will be run on April 21.  It's come quickly, although this winter has made the training season feel like the longest EVER!!  It's been a while since I've written, but certainly not for lack of things to say.

So, training has been going okay despite the freezing cold temperatures that have not let up this year.  I have managed to get most of the my runs in outside, and have surprised even myself by running in temperatures I once considered off limits.  It's amazing how warm 20 degrees feels after a few runs when it is 10!  There have been multiple days where the water has frozen in my water bottles and even during a race, the water handed out by the volunteers (who are total rock stars in my book for standing outside handing out water to foolish people choosing to run) had turned to slush.  Nice on a hot day...less desirable on a cold one.  All in all, I feel like I've gotten my miles in, although not feeling particularly speedy so we'll see how volume vs. speed translates over 26 miles.  Feeling healthy leading up the final long run this weekend and that is the most I can ask.

As goes the world, the season has not been without added inspiration to continue running.  A young lady who lives in town lost part of her leg as a result of cancer in her bone.  She's a friend of some of our friends and from what everyone says and what I have read, she is a true example of grace and strength. I run for her...that her future is bright and filled with good health and that she continue to inspire others through her actions.  My friend just lost her step-mother after already having lost her mom.  Another friend who I just me this year (and DFMC co-runner) experienced another anniversary of her husband's death.  Just like she will next year.  And the year after.  Those days don't go away and they don't get any easier.  We shared a laugh together, and declared that this cancer business, it's just bullshit, if you'll pardon the expression.  My friend, Sandy, and her family went through it again yesterday.  Instead of talking about high school with her son who would be 14 now, they were recognizing his "angelversary" by doing all the things a 7 year old loved to do.  February and March are tough months for our family, too.  Birthdays and the not-so-good anniversaries that take place come one after another.  Reminders of what drives me, sure, but tough days, nonetheless.

The DFMC team is a special bunch.  There is a similar reason we've all been drawn to the team, yet our stories are all unique in that cancer has affected us all but in many different ways.  You can't help but to be inspired and find strength through the stories of triumph and survivorship, and be driven forward by the memories of those who lost their lives to this disease.  It's good people, I tell you.  Just good people to surround yourself with, and I am grateful for everyone I've met over the past 6 years.

I wanted to share a great song and video that does a great job of capturing training and what it means to so many.

I'll try to get some more updates in before the 26 days are up (I know you are waiting on the edge of your seats!).  Please let me know if there is anyone for whom you would like to run...I'll be working on my singlet soon.  Thank you for the support and kind words.

Special thanks as we come down the homestretch: to Sheryl Vincent who organized the Be good. Be strong. shirt sales.  To Greater Boston Running Company for matching proceeds from a sale to DFMC.  To Kathy Glabicky and MSTC for holding a fundraising event for DFMC.  To the DeCesaris Family Foundation for their generous support.  And to the over 140 people who have already contributed to what is almost $30,000 raised this year.  I've upped my goal to $35,000 and I know we can get there.  This money is going directly into the hands of researchers who are working diligently every day to find new treatments for all types of cancer.

If you'd like to contribute, please visit or if you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Be good. Be strong.