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Please visit my fundraising page to make a donation to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ( Please help me reach my goal of $50,000 to fund important basic cancer research! With your support, we have already provided over $366,000 to Dana-Farber researchers over the past 9 years. Please give as generously as your means allow!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017 be good. be strong. shirts are here!

It's t-shirt time again!  The 2017 be good. be strong. shits are on sale now until February 18.  There are 4 options:
  • Long sleeved cotton shirts (youth and adult sizes):  $25
  • Short sleeved performance shirts (youth and adult sizes) :  $30
  • Long sleeved performance shirts (adult sizes only):  $30
  • Hoodies (youth and adult sizes):  $40
This year, we've incorporated a full moon into the be good. be strong. design.  My sister, Molly, shared this message while she was undergoing treatment and it beautifully explains what the full moon means to our family....

"One of the great things about being from a large family is the energy that all the different people bring to the table. One such person is my father's sister. My aunt has traveled the world and one way she tried to stay connected (way, way back before cell phones and email!) was to pause on the night of each full moon and think of her friends. She knew that no matter what corner of the world they were in, they would all be thinking of each other on that same night. Tonight is the full moon for April. We call her Auntie Bonkers (a name she most endearingly deserves) and she called me to tell me she was going to put the hopes and needs of my family at the top of her list tonight. She and all her buddies, my mother's buddies, and hopefully some of you will take the time to stop to smile at the beauty of the light of the full moon. Please take this time to reflect on the great gifts of friendships and the support we give each other. It is a wonderful opportunity to consider that so many different people in so many different places have paused to think of each other and the many blessings we have. I hope you find time to dance in the light of the full moon tonight and know that I am thinking of you. Dance like no one is watching..."

be good. be strong. has become a mantra for us.  It's something that we can remember every day, whether it's heading in for radiation treatment or just holding the door for someone.  It is a reminder to us all to live with kindness and respect and strength for those we love and for what we believe.

Thank you so much for all you have done to help in this effort over the last 9 years.  We're not done yet!  Every day, we fight.

To order shirts:
To donate directly to DFMC:

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Catalyst: a person or thing that precipitates an event or change

At the end of last year’s training season, I had the opportunity to attend a recognition event for fundraisers on the DFMC team who had raised over $13.1k during the 2016 season.  There's two things I love about this event.  The first is that we have the opportunity to hear from one of the Barr program investigators, who are the recipients of the funds raised.  It’s an opportunity to better understand how important those dollars are to continued forward progress with cancer research (And by understand, I mean they dumb it down for the non-scientists so there are snippets that we can sort-of, kind of comprehend).  To learn more about the projects that have recently been funded, you can check out the details HERE. The researchers are conducting innovative studies in all different types of cancer, which is one of the reasons I first joined this team, and their findings are translated into life-changing treatments for cancer patients everywhere.  It's a one of a kind program.

The second is the opportunity to celebrate with, meet and speak with more of my DFMC teammates.  The DFMC team is made up of around 500 members, brought together by the same end goal, which is to raise funds for cancer research.  We are family members, physicians, friends, and survivors who share a common conviction that this program will saves lives.  Over the season, I try to get to as many team events as possible, but the reception is one more chance to get to know others when we aren't gasping for air as we chug up the hills throughout training.

One of my teammates introduced herself to me and we had the chance to talk about what a difference this team has made for many of us.  Last year was her first year as a runner, and she was surprised at how therapeutic it was for her not just have the chance to give back through her participation, which is healing in and of itself, but to be surrounded by a team of people who understood why she was there; to have a safe, relatable environment to talk about her family's experience, her feelings and how cancer has left an eternal mark on her life.  One of the unknown benefits of this team for those of use who run is that it allows a chance to share our stories, our inspirations, our grief, our hope.  It's somewhat unexpected, but what a gift that can be. While the physical act of running has been proven to be good for all of our brains, running with a team charged with a common goal is good for our souls. It provides us a community of people who are great listeners, unrealized therapists, with empathetic and understanding ears.  There’s a surprising comfort in that when out logging miles throughout training. This team works hard year after year to bring change to the future of cancer, and our experiences and the relationships built through our participation, in turn changes us.

I started running the year we lost Molly, as I was searching to do something, anything to help.  Over the past nine years and through even greater loss, it has also proven to be exactly what I’ve needed. It's allowed me an outlet to grieve and to honor my beautiful, kind siblings and so many (far, far too many) of our friends and family members over the 9 years; to have purpose in each miles. There’s hope in what we’ve accomplished so far, power in uniting together with a shared goal, and comfort in all of our shared experiences both good and bad.

So now we are here again, in what is always the hardest few months of the year, but yet as I train and fundraise, I am inspired and comforted by my team, my family and friends, and all of you who have show support through each gift, note, email, picture, and story shared.  You’ve made every step worth it, and every mile is moves us closer.

To help reach this year's goal of $50,000, please consider a gift:

Saturday, December 31, 2016

A New Year, and a big goal

 Happy New Year!  I hope this message finds you well and looking forward to 2017 with great hope.

I was reminded this morning via Facebook of a quote I shared 3 years ago, and after a great long training run with friends followed by much needed time spent cleaning and purging closets at home, I am ready to look towards the New Year and my 9th year running to raise funds for innovative cancer research. 

"What grief is, is a form of love, but with the loved one gone.  So the work of grief is to find a new form for that love, to find a new expression for it, a new commitment, a way to honor that love."  -John Woodall

Friday, April 1, 2016

Live Your Dash in Honor of Andrea Carey

Andrea and her friend, Annie, cheering us on!
Some of you  may have seen this already, but I wanted to extend an invitation to you all to the Andrea Carey Memorial 5k and 1 mile walk that is being held on Sunday, April 3 at 10am.

​I had the honor of working with Andrea at Greater Boston Running Co.  She came to the store after retiring from the USPS.  She was not one to sit around in retirement!  She was born and raised in Lynn, and lived her entire life on the north shore.  Andrea was a very accomplished runner having completed multiple marathons around the world, and was a Boston Marathon qualifier.    She was a gifted and entertaining story teller...and boy did she had some doozies to share!  Andrea was incredibly supportive of me and another co-worker last year as we trained for the Boston marathon, offering time, advice and general support!  Last May, Andrea was beginning her training for the Bay State Marathon in October when she started having some pain in her abdomen.  She was quickly diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer, with few treatment options.  Just 7 weeks later, Andrea passed away...on her own terms.  She is very much missed by all who had the opportunity to know her.  In her memory, we have helped to organize a road race in her honor as she was an active member of the local running community.  Proceeds will go to Dana-Farber in Andrea's memory to support clinical research.

The event will take place in Peabody. where Andrea had most recently made her home.  There is a 5k and also a 1-mile walk, along with raffles and post-race celebration at Champions restaurant.  Please consider attending with your family if you have the time on Sunday.  For more information and registration,

The race is also called "Live Your Dash" in honor of her favorite poem:

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Carry on

You all are a heck of a team!  Thank you so very much for the hundreds of people that supported the "be good. be strong" shirt sale this year.  I'm so proud to be able to carry on the message that Molly, Mary and John shared as they went through their treatment with cancer, and it's such an honor, a humbling one at that, to know their words will be shared from coast to coast through the sale of these shirts.  I also know that the proceeds will be utilized in the best way possible at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which is what got this started in the first place.

Thank you for helping to make this our most successful campaign to date:

476 shirts sold
$11,370 raised for cancer research
37 states represented (and Japan and the USVI)

Simply awesome.  Grateful.  Inspired.

Be good. Be strong.

Monday, March 7, 2016


Today is the last day to order shirts!  We're getting close to filling in the country!  Be sure to let us know which state you represent so we can color your state GREEN!

Thank you for the unparalleled support of our efforts again this year!  It's a mighty team of friends and family coming together to change the future of cancer!

If you haven't ordered yet, please go to

Sunday, February 28, 2016

It's T-Shirt Time

It's t-shirt time again, friends!  We are again selling shirts (cotton and performance fabric) and new this year are hoodies!  There is a wide ranges of sizes and styles so there's something for everyone!  We wear these shirts in honor of our friends and family members who have faced a cancer diagnosis.  This year we chose to incorporate a tree which is often thought to be a symbol of strength (trunk), healing (leaves), and sustenance and livelihood (branches).

Check out the options at:

The funds raised from the proceeds of the shirts and any additional gifts will go directly to fund basic cancer research, and as noted by one of the scientists (who is also a runner on the team), "we've learned more about cancer in the last decade than we have in the last century" and our support of this program has been instrumental to that process.  Based on a rigorous and highly selective process, the brightest, most creative scientists are making basic research discoveries that are transforming cancer treatment. These numerous breakthroughs have resulted in improved survival rates and quality of life for thousands of patients everywhere Our support makes a direct difference in these labs! For eight years, I've helped to individually raise over $250,000 so I KNOW our gifts have made an impact.  Thank you for year after year giving as generously as you have. 

As in past year, don't forget to wear your shirt on Marathon Monday (April 18) and post t Facebook or email.  As I wait to start the marathon each year, I have been overwhelmed with emotion at the pictures and messages you all have shared.  It carries me from start to finish, and I am humbled each and every year by such kindness.

With tremendous gratitude and thanks,