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Monday, January 31, 2011

Quick news

A quick update on running and fundraising....

The weather has not been my running friend this month. We've been getting pounded with snow every 3-5 days, and are about 50" over average snowfall totals for this point in the year. Our roads are narrow due to snow banks, the air has been cold, and the snow storms keep coming one after another. I have been doing a fair number of runs on the treadmill, so I am getting them done, but they aren't as enjoyable as a nice, sunny day outside! Here is a picture of our street as of the weekend.
I was able to get in a 15 mile run on Saturday outside, which was great. I felt good, didn't get hit by a car (although there were some close calls), got through it without listening to music for safety reasons, and wasn't completely numb upon returning home so it was all in all a success. We are set for at least another foot of snow this week, but I am hopeful there will be an opportunity to run outside this weekend. I am due for another long one. We are lucky that our roads are cleared so efficiently but I do wonder where all of the snow is going to go! We are running out of room.

I am now almost halfway to my goal of $20,000. There is just over $8,000 posted to my page, and I have a donation in process of being submitted and credited. A local group, the North Shore Mother's Group, had their annual winter social event last weekend. This is a group comprised of local mothers who have a variety of events and programs throughout the year for families. This year, they made a decision to have a charitable component to each of their events, and were kind enough to make a donation to the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge from proceeds from their Winter Prom night. Andrew and I attended the event, and it was a lot of fun. They presented a check to the DFMC for $1,000, and I am incredibly grateful for the generosity of all of the members, and to the board for considering this cause as a beneficiary of their efforts. It speaks volumes to the kindness of many people in our community, and their efforts to "pay it forward" in many different aspects will certainly have long-term benefits for many groups in our area. Thank you, NSMG, for your support!

Please keep my sister, Mary, on your mind. She started a new treatment last week. She is just feeling completely worn out. Yet, she gets up, works, tries to exercise, always smiles, and has a kind word for everyone. She continues to inspire and impress each and every day. It is why I run. It is why so many of us run.

If you would like to contribute to the DFMC, please visit

Be good. Be strong.

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