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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Forward progress

As we get into the thick of the marathon season, there are a few new things I am trying to do to connect the "running" and the "why" parts of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge.  There are hundreds of marathons run each year in this country, but I find the Boston Marathon to be a unique and uplifting experience because it involves being a part of the Dana-Farber team.  I started this blog for a few reasons, but a big reason was that I wanted this experience to become important and meaningful for all of you because the depth and breadth by which cancer has affected all of us is bigger than many of us realize. 

I have in past years asked you all to share the names of your friends and family members with cancer.  I'd like to go a little beyond just names this year, and share on the blog and on the facebook page more....a picture and some information.  I think it's important to understand how very real this is to many, many people.  I hope maybe it will provide some support, some community, some clarity, some strength.  If you are comfortable and willing, please email me at and let me know who you would like to recognize....share a picture, a story, how it has affected you.  In addition to sharing those stories, I'll will again be starting an In Memory/In Honor/In Support section on both pages, and will wear all of the names on my race day shirt.

I was also hoping to get a few guest bloggers to write some entries on here....what's your connection, why is the Barr Program and Dana-Farber important to you, what does "be good, be strong" mean, etc.  What's your perspective as a friend, family member, random reader, teammate?  Would love to be able to offer a broader view.  Think about it and let me know (!

Fundraising progress
Another thing I am doing is posting a map using the Boston Marathon course to show how the fundraising is going.  For every $763 raised, we'll move along the marathon course one mile with plans to reach 26.2 miles and $20,000 by April 16, 2012.  Currently, 46 people have made gifts to total $6,675.  Thanks so very much to those who have supported the DFMC so far this season.  This is truly an effort of many, many people coming together to reach a goal....taking part in whatever way we each can.  We're off to an amazing start and are at the 8.75 mile point on the course, and I am excited and anxious to keep moving forward down the road one mile at a time.

I've been using the Daily Mile website ( to track my training this year.  The bigger, better part of just having a place to write down your workout is that there is a community of teammates and friends who  provides support and motivation and where you can share your training, ask questions, commiserate, etc.  I'd encourage any of you who are runners, exercisers, athletes, or just starting out on a fitness path to sign up.  It tracks running, swimming, biking, yoga, cross-training...many options to fit your plans.  Please "friend" me since it is a social network of sorts in addition to a great place to monitor your activity.  It also adds some level of accountability, which I personally really need, and is proven to be helpful for anyone trying to keep up with or maintain any sort of fitness program or training plan...accountability AND support.  Since I am formally tracking my miles, I am also setting a goal to try to run 1200 miles in 2012.  There is is.  Written down.  Yikes.  So, sign up and find me on Daily Mile! 

Training update:

12/30:  4 miles
12/31:  8.4 miles

1/3:  4.4 miles (4x800 meter repeats)
1/4:  Stationary bike, 40 minutes
1/5:  8.4 miles, easy pace
1/6:  Stationary bike, 40 minutes
1/7:  3.6 miles
1/8:  13.4 miles, long run with DFMC team

1/9:  Yoga, 45 minutes
1/10:  4.75 miles (1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 meters speed work)
1/11:  Stationary bike and strength training
1/12:  3 miles, treadmill
1/13:  14.1 miles, long run

1/17:  4 miles, treadmill
1/18:  6 miles treadmill

Be good. Be Strong.

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  1. You are amazing, Jennie, and you hale from an amazing, loving, and strong family. No one can understand how all this has happened to all of you, but your stance to do what you can to find out makes a real difference--to your family, I am sure, to those of us cancer support work, and to the world of people longing for progress in treatment, care and prevention. My love to all of you, and we at The Center for Cancer Support & Education in Arlington will be rooting for you! Mary Lewis Sheehan, old friend of your parents.