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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mileage count

I'd like to say the holiday season, school vacation, and a little bit of laziness hasn't thrown off my intended schedule, but it's not the case.  I haven't been too far off the running, but the cross training has been sorely lacking.  Next week.  Promise.

Week 1
12/13    4.1 mile run, 33:24
12/14    1 hour, stationary bike/light strength
12/15    6 mile run, 48:25
12/17    11 mile run, 1:32:33

Week 2
12/19    3 mile run, 24:10
12/21    5 mile run, 42:04
12/24    3.45 mile run, 27:48

Week 3
12/26   11.5 mile run, 1:36:08 (last week's planned long run)
12/28   5.1 mile run, 42:36

Only one day of cross training.  One short strength training session.  No yoga.  Must be better about those three things or getting to the starting line feeling well without injuries is not likely.  I can feel a difference when I don't include it in my week.  My intention is to cross train at least twice (bike or swim) and do yoga at least twice a week.  I also intend on drinking more water, taking a vitamin, and not eating pounds of cookies and candy.  Gonna be better.  Got to be better.  Hold me to it!!

Be good.  Be strong.

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