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Monday, November 26, 2012

4.44 million strong

2012 DFMC Team Members
In October, the big reveal of the 2012 DFMC team total was made at an event at Dana-Farber.  Last year's team raised $4.44 million dollars that will go directly to researchers at Dana-Farber through the Barr Program in Innovative Cancer Research.  $4.44 million.  That's a lot of millions.  And there is a lot of brilliant work to be done with it.

Two of the incredibly bright researchers who have been recipients of Barr Program dollars spoke to the gathered group of teammates and family members about their work and how effective the Barr Program is in funding cutting edge programs.  We are in a time of uncertain NIH funding, so these dollars are incredibly important in continuing to move the fight to cure cancer forward.  We can't and won't stop now.  The Barr Program is a one of a kind program that has translated into many, many therapies and treatments for patients all of the world, and when you hear these scientists speak of what they are doing in the labs, it is incredibly humbling to know that you've played a part in that work.  I can't "do science" but I can do my best to make sure those minds that can do it are able to continue.

And now, for my own personal big reveal of the 2012 marathon season.  Through the amazing generosity and support of so many of you, my fundraising grand total for 2012 was $40,052!  Without your support, it would not be possible for me to continue to be a part of this team since the primary goal is to raise funds for cancer research.  The running is secondary, and a means to a bigger end.  Thanks to the Bo Good. Be Strong. Ride for Life team in Chattanooga for their efforts and support again this year...a big chunk of that total is a result of your commitment, time and support in honor of my family and Dana-Farber.

My personal fundraising total for the past 4 years is just over $122,000, which is so hard to believe.  When I started the first year, I set my sights on a far reaching goal  of $7,500 and have since been blown away by the generosity over 4 years, but the work isn't finished. I had initially set my goal this season at $20,000, but I am changing it to $28,000 so I can try to reach a lifetime achievement of $150,000 in 5 years.  It is ambitious but possible, and I know the impact of this commitment can truly be great.  Though the reason I run is very personal, the funds committed to the Barr Program as a result are universal in value. 

So, the goal of $4.6 million is set for the 2013 team, and I know that together we can reach that level.  I am so thrilled and honored to be a part of the team for the 5th year, and am anxious for the season to get underway.  I look forward to getting to know new team members and catching up with those I don't see often.  I am back to a consistent running program and am starting my outreach to reach my goal of $28,000.  Now.  Game on.

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With gratitude and continued hope. 
Be Good. Be Strong.

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