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Sunday, February 8, 2015

February update: snow and shirts and snow and snow

Tomorrow (February 9) is the last day to order “Be good. Be strong.” shirts!  There are orders for almost 300 shirts and 31 states are represented so while we’ve got a lot of the map covered, we are still missing some key states.  Do you live in Rhode Island?  Idaho?  How about Alaska?  Do you know someone currently in treatment for cancer?  Or a survivor?  Please consider making a purchase today.  The proceeds will be donated directly to the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge this year.  And as with last year, we ask that everyone wear their shirt on Marathon Monday and send us pictures.  It's a great tribute to family and friends to see support extended across the county.  Be sure to let us know where you live so we can fill in your state!  To order, go to and don't forget that tomorrow (February 9) is the last day!!

February is the month when training really kicks into high gear.  We are just about halfway through the training season which has me running on average 30-40 miles per week with my long run at 16 miles and building.  Let me tell you, the past couple of weeks has made that tough.  We ended up getting a full season’s worth of snow in a week, a new record for the area.  And with that in mind, we are set to get another 18-24 inches of snow over the next couple of days that will settle in on top of the 45” inches that have already fallen.  With temperatures not ever really getting above freezing, the existing snow has been slow to melt.  It’s been a challenge to say the least, and I’ve logged more miles than I prefer on the treadmill, but get outside when I can.  The roads are narrow so safety is a big concern, so taking inside when necessary is the right call.  It is an exercise in training the brain if nothing else!  It'll all melt by April, right?

As we muddle through the winter, we also trudge through some difficult days and I am thankful during this time that I have the opportunity to get out and run, and to be a part of a community that understands.  During February, we mark dreadful “anniversary” days of when we lost Molly and Mary, and then in March, we also try to celebrate the birthdays of Molly and John without them here.   A lot of ups and downs, and those dreadful days don’t feel any easier. I have a couple of friends that are currently in treatment for cancer, too, so all of these people and events are motivation enough to continue on.

Your support over the years means so much to me, not just in the incredibly generous gifts to Dana-Farber but in the kindness and thoughtful outreach I have received.  That kindness buoys me to continue and I promise, we are together making a difference.  If you would like to support DFMC, please visit my online page at to make a gift.  If you would prefer, you can also send a check payable to the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge to my attention at 23 Glendale Rd., Marblehead, MA  01945.  We are just over halfway to my goal and I am hopeful that we’ll surpass it before Marathon Monday.  Just 10 weeks to go!  Thank you for the support!

Stay warm, and think SPRING!
With gratitude,

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