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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I will forever carry the events of last April 15 with me.  It still does not feel real but I know I was standing there and heard the explosions.  I wasn't sure what today would feel like until I woke up this morning but I knew the events of April 15, 2013 would bring so many emotions to the surface.  I think of those whose lives were much more gravely affected than mine all the time.  Sometimes I remember with tears all that was lost, especially for the Richards, Campbell, Lu, and Collier families.  Very often I am filled with pride for the immense strength and determination of the survivors, to see how much they have overcome and how they continue to fight to move forward despite the many obstacle and the physical and emotional pain they feel every day.  Sometimes I am filled with the deepest respect for all of those who responded in the immediate aftermath and in the 365 days that have followed....those who ran towards danger to help, that have provided assistance and care, who made phone calls, and sent letters, and left messages of hope, and planted flowers, and run across the country, and donated to the OneFund, and given medical care, and mental health support, and shared hugs and laughter, and for all that will run in their honor next Monday. 

There are so many qualities that shine more brightly than the hatred that brought the bombings to Boston.  Bravery and courage.  Generosity.  Friendship. Such great strength in the face of tragedy.  This is what I will choose to remember and what we can all take away from last year.  We owe it to all of those affected to remember this day and to pay respect to both the victims and their families   but allow each the freedom and comfort to move forward in the best way for each individual.  To continue to support and provide kindness and assistance to others.   To rally with each other, to stand together, to fight back, to run again.

Young Jane Richards whose brother Martin died in the explosions, and who herself lost one of her legs, said of her older brother, Henry, that what got hurt was his heart.  For most of us who were not physically injured, the same can be said.  What has been hurt is our hearts. 

Be good. Be strong.

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