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Friday, January 10, 2014

Spread the Message-Be good. Be strong.

A while back, I wrote what "Be good. Be strong". meant and why we it had become such an important phrase and mantra for our family.  Here's a repost:

John is the biggest reason why "Be good. Be strong." is the name of this blog, a mantra I repeat when I run, a tagline,a t-shirt, etc....but most importantly, a way to live life.  Molly used to say "Ya'll be good" or "Ya'll be sweet"when saying goodbye to people or to end emails she had sent.  When John designed t-shirts for the Brain Tumor Society bike ride our family participated in, he put "Be Good.  Be Sweet.  Be Strong." on them in tribute to Molly, he himself adding the Be Strong.  He then started using "Be Good. Be Strong." on his Caringbridge page, taking out the "Be Sweet" because he'd probably had enough "girlie" in his life, and it became his message.  It's become a message we've truly embraced. Live well by showing goodness and kindness and respect to others and to yourselves.  Be strong, not just physically but stand for what you believe and for what is right.  Fight the good fight.  Be good and be strong.

I share this again today because I am so excited to share that a good friend of ours has put together an online shirt sale to help raise money for innovative cancer research.  My husband came up with the design, and the shirts are $20.  The proceeds will go to fund cancer research.  

There is nothing I would like more than to know on Marathon Monday and hopefully on many other days throughout the year, there is an army of people decked out in a shirt that boldly states "Be good. Be strong."  And that when you do have it on, you will often have the opportunity to tell someone why you wear it and what it means.  And you can tell them about Molly, Mary, and John, and all they stood for, and about their strength and kindness. And that we always remember.

Wear the shirt. Spread the word.  Share the story. 


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