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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A hot one

Looks like it is going to be a hot one.  A "warm weather advisory" has been issued for the Boston Marathon tomorrow as temperatures are expected to rise into the mid-80s by early afternoon.  With a start time of 10:40, I can be guaranteed that I will be on the course during those early afternoon high temperatures!  The daily high temperature in the Boston area is usually about 50-55 degrees at this time of year, so a 30 degree increase is a pretty big change.  We've been training through the winter and early spring, and although it's been a very mild year, there has not been the time to become acclimated to the heat.  But hey, this is life.  Sometimes it hands you a tough day, and that is what the weather is looking like for marathon running tomorrow.  You adapt and move on.

My running plan for the day has been adjusted.  I am dialing back my intended pace, taking it easy, taking in some increased sodium, looking for shade, and soaking in the amazing crowds of Boston.  The bigger plan...the reason I run...has not been changed.  It's why I started in December and it's why I'll be at the start line tomorrow.  And using some patience and I hope some smart running, it's why I'll finish in Boston tomorrow afternoon.  I'll be out there in honor of Molly, Mary, John, and many, many, many others to raise funds for research and raise awareness.  In addition to those who have been diagnosed with cancer, I run for all of their families, too, with special devotion to my nephews and niece, who we are not able to talk to or visit with.  The list of those for whom we run grows each year, and drive me step after step towards the finish.

My amazing crew of support will be out there husband and kids, my parents and sister, and some friends along the way.  I am grateful for all they have done to help me get to the start again this year.  It's not only that I have had the time to train and to spend more time actively engaged with the Dana-Farber team.  I've learned through the example of my parents of the importance of standing up for what you believe, and facing each day with the right attitude no matter what it the day brings.  My husband and children show me hope, and remind me each day of the need to try to find happy.  My sister embodies the bond that always existed among the five kids in our family...that our siblings are our first friends, our best friends, and we would do anything for each other.  My family and friends from many different communities we've been a part of over the years have shown that we just need to be kind to each other.  I see true examples of what friends should be, and I learn every day from their kindness.  I have said it and mean it...this is a team effort through and through.

Thank you, thank you for all of the support this year again.  The gift total now stands at $25,927.60 which is just amazing and generous.  Almost $1000 per mile of a marathon!  These contributions will allow the scientists at Dana-Farber to continue their successful and cutting-edge research, and that is something we can all be proud of.

Here's the continuation of what I mentioned in the last post about sharing the story with other outlets.  The Boston Globe is running an article and did a video piece to accompany.  It was put together by Lauren Frohne, a videographer.  I really am humbled and honored (and a bit self-conscious and nervous) to have had this done but I do think she captured why I decided to run back in 2008, why I continue, and what it means to me. 

Be Good. Be Strong.

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