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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breaking records

Last winter

Not land speed records by any means, but weather records!  Last year at this time, we were under multiple feet of snow.  And we had been for weeks and weeks.  It seemed like every other day we got another storm and it didn't seem possible that the giant mounds of plowed snow would melt before summer.  I know we have many days of winter left, but the "winter" days we've had so far are few and far between in Massachusetts. We are currently standing at the record for least amount of snow in a season, although I think another 1/2 an inch or so will end that.  While it hasn't been a great winter for skiers or outside skating rinks, maybe it's just time for a "nice" winter for those of us who don't fully embrace the cold.  It's definitely been a very kind weather winter in my books so far and I love every day the thermostat jumps out of the 30s.
Same spot this winter

With all of this spring weather, I've been able to get outside for almost all of my runs, including most Tuesdays at the local track. I didn't get on the outdoor track last winter AT ALL.  It was covered with snow from December until March so any speed work was done on the treadmill.  Which means not a lot of speed work was done.  It's been exhilarating and kind of fun to be outside pushing the speed once a week, and despite the work, I have been loving every second of it.  I've been able to spend more time on the local rail-trail which was also out of the question last year when it was buried under the 80 inches of snow we had had by this date last year.  Not that I obsess about the weather, though!

The other thing that has been "record setting" for me has been attendance at the DFMC group runs.  During the training seasons prior to this one, I had trouble getting to a lot of the weekend runs due to kids activities and scheduling conflicts on the weekends.  Last year, I needed the hours alone for the long runs to think and grieve and exhaust myself.  But this year, the timing is easier with our schedules so I've been heading to towns in and around Boston to get the miles done but more importantly, to appreciate more fully the bigger experience of the DF marathon teammates.

Sun shining on the track this snow!

Truth be told, the group runs were intimidating to me (and honestly, kind of still are).  Walking into a group setting where I didn't know anyone and trying to meet people is out of my comfort zone.  It was easier to walk out my front door and just run.  I really wanted to try to be more involved and get to know more of the other runners this year, so I've been trying to attend as many of the team runs on the weekends as I can.  So far, I've been to 4 which is about how many I got to in total over the past 3  years.  And it has been great. And what I need.  It pushes me outside my little protected comfortable space, and as such, I've met some really great people. Depending on pace and time spent at water stops, I've had the opportunity get to know a variety of different people each week and have really enjoyed each of them. 

Having company while you are out doing 14, 16, 18 miles doesn't hurt, either, and not much else to do out there but chat!  Even this past weekend, although I ended up kind of in no man's land without any other runners around for most of the run, I still had the opportunity to talk a little with some of the amazing volunteers who man the water stops out on the course.  I am really grateful for the kind people I've met so far, and look forward to getting to know more team mates as we get closer to Marathon Monday. 

Training so far has been on track.  I really can't complain, so I won't!  I am knocking on wood right now that things continue this way until the injuries, no mental breaks, no major weather fiascoes.  I have 3 more "long" runs (anything under 14 miles now qualifies as a shorter run!) left with a couple of "rest" weeks and then the taper period before the big day. 

14.5 miles down, 11.6 to go!
We are just under 8 weeks from the Boston Marathon.  So far, the fundraising total stands at $11,088.  This is a little bit more than halfway to my goal of $20,000 for this year, and I thank you so very much for the support again this year.  Reaching out and asking for your support is not completely within my comfort zone either, but I am less shy about it now tbecause the goal of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge extends beyond this running season and this event.  "A World Without Cancer" is not just my goal for this year or this marathon, but for life.  The generosity shown to this cause in honor of my siblings has been phenomenal, but now is not the time to stop.  We need to continue the efforts at full speed building on momentum until we meet this goal.  If your means allow, please consider a gift to Dana-Farber and the Marathon Challenge team.  We all benefit from the innovative and cutting edge research.  Every single one of us because cancer doesn't discriminate

To contribute online, please visit my personal page at and follow the link.

Always with gratitude for your kindness and generosity.

Be good. Be strong.

Training Update (it's been a while) for those of you who are interested:
1/19: 4 miles
1/20: Stationary bike
1/22:  10 miles
1/23:  Yoga
1/24:  Speed work at the track (3 x 1600m)
1/25:  Stationary bike
1/26:  7 miles
1/28:  15 miles
1/29:  5.7 miles
1/30:  Yoga
1/31:  6.3 miles with hill repeats
2/1:  Stationary bike
2/2:  4 miles
2/3:  Stationary bike
2/4:  17.1 miles
2/5:  5 miles
2/7:  Speed work (6 x 800m)
2/8:  4 miles
2/9:  8.4 miles
2/11:  11.6 miles
2/12:  Stationary bike
2/13:  4 miles
2/14:  Speed work (12x400m)
2/15:  Stationary bike
2/16:  8.4 miles
2/17:  Stationary bike
2/19:  18.8 miles
2/20:  3 miles

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