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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Simple gifts

I just got back from a run, and I couldn't get my kids out the door fast enough this morning in order to get on the road.  I needed to escape to think and breathe and grieve and heal and celebrate and remember, but I don't think I could run far enough or fast enough to lift the heaviness that I am feeling today.  Today is Mary's birthday, and I have to tell you that it's been a tough morning.  A lot tougher than I thought it would be, and honestly, there wasn't much about today that I was looking forward to.

In the wide world of Facebook this morning, there have been such big, strong emotions shown for Mary, for our family, for her friends.  I hate seeing them and love it all at the same time because of the emotions it stirs up.  It makes me feel so overwhelmingly sad, yet comforted to know just how amazingly strong the bond is between us all.  It allows the opportunity to "be together" in our sadness, and to share our thoughts with each other.  To be closer and less alone.  To feel the love and support and strength and familiarity of friends and family near and far.

Mary left an enormous legacy by showing us how to live a meaningful life.  How to be a good friend.  The importance of family.  What it means to be an authentic, honest person.  Words like "wonderful soul" and "strong spirit" and "amazing woman" are used to describe her, and Mary certainly left an impression on an immense number of people who were blessed enough to know her.  Today, she is so deeply missed.

I love this picture from her birthday last year.  You can feel her happiness and joy, and I know how good it was for her to laugh hard with her friends.  For a brief period of time, she was given a new lease on life and she embraced each and every day.  Like a birthday present you get to open a new each morning.  She left us all many gifts...what was your favorite? 

Happy birthday, M.  Whipped cream, birthday crowns, a full moon dance party, and a whole lot of laughter.  I'm smiling through the tears.

Be good.  Be strong.


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  1. Jennie, such a wonderful tribute to M. The sadness we all feel is simply overwhelming. Thank you for having the strength to sit down and write such touching thoughts while trying to overcome the pain of thinking of the terrible loss we are all feeling.